Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Bios Urn?

Bios Urn is a biodegradable urn, designed to turn the ashes of a person or pet into a tree. Thanks to its design and manufacture, the urn provides proper germination and later growth of the tree, based on a person or pet’s ashes. In this way, death becomes a transformation and return to life by means of nature.

Who created it?

Bios Urn was an idea from designer Gerard Moliné, introduced in the year 1997. Later on, in the year 2002, Bios Urn won the ADI FAD medal, and in the year 2005, it was a Top Nominee for the INDEX Award and Premio Expohogar Regalo (Exhihome Gift Award). After several years, and with Roger Moliné joining the team, Bios Urn became a start-up company with the aim of changing the way people understands life.

Who is behind the project?

Bios Urn is a project by estudimoline, a design study located in Barcelona, Catalonia. We have more than 15 years of experience constructing products, brands and experiences with this project.

Currently, we are an independent team of professionals working on Bios Urn. Get to know the Bios Urn team.

You can get to know our work, projects, designs, exhibitions and much more on the page www.estudimoline.com

What is the purpose of Bios Urn?

The intent of Bios Urn is to offer individuals an alternative for remembering deceased persons and pets in a natural, sustainable fashion, thereby turning the process of death into regeneration and a return to life through nature.Our company objective is none other than to offer a economic, ecological and sustainable product that falls in line with our own philosophy.

Why use Bios Urn?

It is innovative. It demonstrates the possibilities for invention have by no means been exhausted. Creativity can provide real solutions to current problems.

It is useful. Thanks to its creative process, Bios Urn becomes something necessary to achieve proper growth from ashes.

It is aesthetic. It is a simple, kind object, designed for our well-being.I t is understandable. Its shape describes its function.

It is self-explanatory.

It is discrete. Bios Urn leaves no trace of identification that it has been used. It completely biodegradable.

It is honest. It is a product with a very specific role that does not intend to be more innovative or valuable than it truly is.

It is long-lasting and independent. Thanks to its manufacturing process, Bios Urn does not “expire”, and as such, its use is not bound by any specific period, epoch or place.

Its design is democratic. Its price is reasonable and allows for total compatibility in logistics processes and commercial distribution.

It is sustainable. Both the product and its function imply an environmental, social and economic improvement for a growing problem, overpopulation and metropolis growth.

It is simple. Less, can be better.


How to plant Bios Urn?

The Bios Urn is really simple to use. The urn is divided into two separate capsules: the upper capsule is a sealed unit to ensure the good condition of the premium grow medium; and the lower capsule is where you will store the ashes. You, or the crematorium just need to fill the lower cone of the urn with the remains. Then close it with the top capsule.

Before you bury the urn, select a suitable seedling from your local garden centre This provides you with the opportunity to make a more personal selection, and have a plant type that is both suitable and pre-hardened to your location. Keeping both sections of the urn together, remove the tear-away paper seal from the top capsule. Empty the bag of grow medium into the top capsule, and add some soil from the burial site to it, mixing them together. Loosen the seedling roots gently and plant the seedling into the capsule. The entire urn can now be buried into a suitably dug hole. Bury the urn approx 3-5 cm under the surface so the entire urn can bio-degrade. It is now ready to water in and take care of.

Simply plant your urn where you want your tree to grow and take care of it. Always plant all of the urn, which is 100% biodegradable and won’t damage the soil. You can plant your Bios Urn using a seed or a young sprout. The Bios Urn should be planted about 3-5 cm from the soil surface. Once planted, make sure the seed has the appropriate water and humidity levels.

Does the Bios Urn consist of any materials that should not be buried in the soil?

No, the Bios Urn is 100% biodegradable, and made with no chemicals, preservatives, or additives.

Is it legal to bury the Urn anywhere?

Please check with local authorities, but typically the urn can be planted wherever it is legal to plant a tree, including your backyard. We generally recommend natural environments, like gardens, backyards, or forests.

Are there burial sites/cemeteries offering this option?

You would need to investigate this for yourself.

The urn does not necessarily need to be in a burial site or cemetery. Many have made arrangements with divisions of parks and forests to have trees planted along trails or in parks where trees are protected. This really depends on your municipal, state or provincial government.

Are traditional cemeteries willing to bury this type of urn?

More traditional cemeteries are offering it as an option, however you need inquire with the cemetery that you want to use.

What care does Bios Urn require?

Bios Urn requires much the same care as a normal tree: water, sunlight and good temperature. As such, in order to ensure proper growth, a site with proper soil humidity, an appropriate temperature and few hours of sunlight must be selected.

If the process requires too much care on the part of the user, a good option is to use a sprout or seedling in place of a seed during the planting process.

Can I use Bios Urn with old ash?

Bios Urn can be used with ash saved from another urn. As such, if you already have the ash in your house, you may purchase the urn and transfer the ashes into it. You can also bring the Bios Urn to a crematorium or funeral home so they can handle the transfer of ash.

Can I use only a small amount of ash?

Yes, the Bios Urn works with any amount of ash. You can use all of the ash, or just a small portion. Everything will eventually biodegrade and become part of the subsoil.

Does it have expiration date?

Bios Urn does not have an expiration date.

Thanks to the materials used to create the Bios Urn, you can keep the urn indefinitely. To favour its preservation, we recommend keeping the product in a dry place away from extreme heat. If you don’t plan on using your urn anytime soon, we recommend getting a Bios Urn without seed. You can add your preferred seed at the moment of planting.

Which is the capacity of the Bios Urn

The Bios Urn has been designed to hold all the ashes that result from the process of cremation. The capacity of the urn is 5.8lbs, or 2.5 Liters. Nonetheless, it can be used with a smaller amount just in case a symbolic portion is being saved.

What is the size of the urn?

The box size is 16x16x32 cm. and weight 0,85 Kg.

Do you have a version available for pets?

Yes. Currently, the Bios Urn is manufactured for both people and for pets. It is essentially the same product and universal, in the sense that it has the same shape, colour and price. The only difference is packaging and labelling, to aid in identifying the product.

What is the difference between the Bios Urn for humans and for pets?

Bios Urn for humans and for pets is the same product. BiosUrn is universal, in the sense that it has the same shape, the same colour and the same price. The only difference is packaging and labelling, to aid in identifying the product.

Can I use a seedling instead of a seed?

Yes, we recommend this in Australia.

Can I plant a flower, a plant, or a bush instead of a tree?

Absolutely, the choice is yours.

Can I use a pot to grow the seed?

Yes, you can plant the urn in a pot with enough capacity to bury the urn and then transplant it to its final location. Therefore, we have created the Bios Incube, the first system that lets you plant your Bios Urn close to you, and combines the insights of tree growth with data from its environment. Depending on the type of tree, the Bios Incube will water it accordingly. You can get more information on our website: Urnabios.com


What is the price of the Bios Urn?

For Australian customers The Bios Urn costs $159 with free shipping. N.Z. customers $159 plus a shipping cost of $25.00.

May I be Bios Urn distributor?

If you are wholesaler, a shop or offer related services, and you wish to offer Bios Urn, email val@soultrees.com.au.

How can I pay in the online shop?

We accept bank account transfer, direct deposit, paypal or via cheque.


What shipping methods are there?

We have free Australia wide shipping and N.Z is $25.00.

You can get more information on prices and delivery timeframes in the website’s shipping section.

How long does shipping take?

Shipping generally takes between 5-7 business days. Some shipments may take longer to your destination if there are delays in customs which are out of our control. We offer standard shipping (expedited service is not available at this time.)

How far do you send the Bios Urn?

To infinity and beyond! No, really. We ship everywhere worldwide. Shipping costs are calculated according to the amount of units purchsed and the destination.


Bios Urn is a registered trademark and is protected by international commerce laws. Any use of the trademark Bios Urn must be approved by the respective owner Estudi Moline Disseny, SL.


Bios Urn is patented world-wide and is protected by intellectual property laws. Any use of the trademark Bios Urn must be approved by the respective owner Estudi Moline Disseny, SL.


Is it legal to use Bios Urn for humans?

Bios Urn for people (and pets) is completely legal. Since it is a unique, novel product, sometimes there are doubts as to whether or not the ashes of a cremated individual may be planted.

There are countries that regulate the use of cremation ashes. In some cases, they offer services and permits so that people can scatter ashes in gardens, forests or the sea.

Any individual has the right to use the ashes of a loved one to grow a tree that reminds us of our loved one.

Is there some place to plant the Bios Urn?

For the time being, there’s a growing number of cemeteries that offer the possibility of planting Bios Urns in their spaces. In turn, they must take care of the tree once it is planted. In so far as planting the urn with a seed is concerned, we do not know any place prepared to this end. Bios Urn is active planning and developing the proper service for that purpose.

In any case, you can ask your city hall or city centre to find out more information on this service.

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Shipping & Handling

Domestic Shipping

Stock of Bios Urn is held ready for dispatch in our Australian warehouse. Business hours are Monday to Friday 9am-5pm. Please phone our office if your delivery is urgent on 0431 385 056 and we will do our best to help you.

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There shall not be any return policy applied to international shipping.

We are currently looking for Wholesalers and Retailers within the state of Victoria. For more information, please email val@soultrees.com.au

With hands of genuine passion put into every urn we produce, we take pride to bring you a quality product. If you are not fully satisfied with your purchase, we would like to know. Please email info@alwaysgrowing.com.au

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Should you wish to return your order, please notify us within 2 days of receipt of products with a valid reason for return. Except in relation to faulty or incorrectly supplied goods, all products purchased on the website may not be returned for a refund or exchange.

With hands of genuine passion put into every urn we produce, we take pride to bring you a best quality product to enjoy. If you are not fully satisfied with your purchase, we will like to know. Please email info@alwaysgrowing.com.au

Bios Urn reserves the right to limit or deny returns.